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– 2 Virtual Primary care visits
– Unlimited Nurse Chat

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Membership Plan


– 6 Virtual Primary Care Visits
– Unlimited Nurse Chat
– Free Smart Thermometer

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EntelMed’s Telehealth Membership Program

EntelMed’s Telehealth membership program is shift in the healthcare paradigm. Become a member of EntelMed’s Telehealth program to access virtual primary healthcare and virtual behavioral health for one flat, yearly fee. No more unnecessary trips to a facility or doctor’s office, EntelMed enables you to connect with a doctor, receive a diagnosis and prescription, and recover in the comfort of your home.

How to become a member?

1. Create your account

Simply complete our registration form, import you health records, and you’re ready for your first appointment!

2. Select your services

Select your Physician or Mental Health Professional.

3. Book appointment

Schedule either a video call, phone call, or nurse chat appointment any day a week from 7:00am-7:00pm.

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Best in Class Providers

Access the best in class physicians and nurse practitioners from organizations such as: The Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical Center, Stanford Medical Center and Cedar Sinai. Choose from hundreds of primary care providers to get treatment when you need it.

Lower risk of COVID-19

A virtual primary care visit means you don’t need to travel to an ER, urgent care, or doctors office, effectively lowering the possibility of contracting and spreading COVID-19.

Device Connectivity

EntelMed has taken Telehealth to the next level. If you have a medical device such as a blood sugar monitor, pace maker, or thermometer, you can connect and transmit you data directly to your physician for the most accuracy and reliable Telehealth experience possible.

Digital Pharmacy

Your doctor can refill and send prescriptions to your closest pharmacy, ensuring you receive everything you need to recover in unprecedented time.

Peace of Mind
for $99/yr.

Help is always one call away.
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Primary Care

Access your primary care provider through a telephone or video call any day of the week from 7:00am-7:00pm. Book appointments, share live health data, and communicate with your doctor without a cumbersome trip to a doctors office or facility.

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Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is the study of human emotions, behaviors, and biological factors that relate to a person’s mental health and sense of well being. Take control of these factors through EntelMed’s Behavioral Health portal. Meet and speak with counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists from some of the best facilities throughout the US.

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