EntelMed LifeLine

EntelMed LifeLine Benefits

Improved Monitoring:

RPM technology allows healthcare professionals and family members to monitor the health of their loved ones in real time, providing early detection of changes in health that may require medical attention.

Early Detection of Changes in Health:

RPM technology can detect changes in health before they become more serious, allowing healthcare professionals to intervene early and provide appropriate treatment.

Increased Independence and Autonomy:

RPM technology allows patients to remain in their own homes and maintain their independence rather than being admitted to a care facility.

Reduced Burden on Caregivers:

RPM technology allows family members and caregivers to monitor the health of their loved ones from a remote location, reducing the need for constant in-person visits.

Peace of Mind for Families:

RPM technology provides families with real-time information about the health of their loved ones, giving them peace of mind and reducing their stress levels.

LifeLine Cybersecurity

  • Personal Data Protection: Cybersecurity in RPM technology is used by EntelMed to protect personal and health data.
  • Secure Data Transmission: EntelMed emphasizes the importance of securing personal and health data and the need for secure communication and data transmission.
  • Infrastructure: EntelMed will build infrastructure and policies to protect personal and health data, such as encryption, authentication, and access control.
  • Encryption: Encryption can be used to protect personal and health data from unauthorized access and theft. This can include encryption of data in transit, as well as encryption of data at rest.
  • Authentication: Authentication can be used to ensure that only authorized users have access to personal and health data. This can include using secure passwords, biometric authentication, or other forms of user authentication.
  • Access Control: Access control can limit personal, and health data access based on user roles and permissions. This can include restricting access to specific data and functionalities based on user needs and privileges.

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