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EntelMed connects international patients with the top hospitals and medical doctors in the United States. We save precious time for patients by reducing the confusion and delays in accessing the American healthcare system.

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Each year over 2 million people from Asia alone travel to United States to receive care from American doctors and hospitals. In this uncertain time of the coronavirus pandemic, international travel has become extremely difficult. People from around the world are turning to EntelMed to facilitate initial consultations and second opinions using the latest American technology in virtual healthcare. We connect patients with top hospitals in America so that patients can receive high-quality care for the most complex cases. We can even facilitate travel after the initial consultations to American medical facilities.

If you plan to travel to United States for healthcare after your initial consultation, our team will make your experience as smooth as possible.

The EntelMed patient care coordinators will walk you through all the steps of accessing top American doctors and hospitals to receive care. We offer inperson, telephone and video interpreter services in every language. Experience the difference the EntelMed team makes.

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